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Figured the first one wasn't much of a journal entry as it was a little insight to my love of acting. So I'm just gonna do a lil journal entry now.

Umm Life... Fairly good. Love life.... Could be doing alot better right now lol.
Old news, found my new hobby last night, Laser Tag! Absolutely love it. I got in with a few old school buddies and first thing i noticed under the UV light of the preparation Zone was the amount of oose... Tiny little pits of clothing residue - like dust - on my t-shirt. At first I was thinking, "All black will make me fucking invisible!!". Wrong. When we got in there first thing that astounded me was the size, I didn't expect it to be as big as it was. Me n two of my mates - Eric and Dylan - walked into one of the first rooms n were startled and confused by a voice doing a countdown to the beginning of the game. Since this was an 'Every man for himself' match, we all just stared at each other till the game sounded. Then it was like a bad montage to the Matrix, with us running like headless chickens and shooting each other. I'd love to go into more detail but I like to leave the rest of the story for speculation. Although I came Last :( .
Keep trying to get back into the world of love/dating, but alas, I be too paranoid and un-trusting. Basically I bottle it when I even attempt to approach someone. However I did receive a smile from one or two girls today when our eyes met, but as you can tell, nothing came of it.
Ah well, enough from me and back to this essay for college.


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