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I'll try n keep up with using this as a journal, but this first post contains a monologue a
I wrote, and well, here it is...

I Say…

What do I say? I look at every one of you standing in front of me right now and I see potential… I see the potential to do something, absolutely magnificent. And that is how I see this city. Now I have watched this city grow and flourish. And I have watched this city fall into the deepest, darkest pits, in which we stand today. And I say no. I say this ends now. I say we march on towards them tonight. Every single one of us. And I say we show them just what the people of this city is capable of. I say that we go there tonight, fully knowing the consequences of the situation… That when we all go in, most of us won’t be coming out. And even in that moment of sadness, when we think that we are defeated. I say we look to the ground, on which our feet rest upon. And we will know what those losses were for. The city that we are proud to call home. And to be safe in the knowledge that it will feel no more pain… I say that is worth dying for… So who’s with me?

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Date: 2010-09-12 07:38 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] quesrahsrah
Nice :)

What's the setting?


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