Oct. 31st, 2010

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Yet again been another while since I last posted an entry,
Well better get cracking...

Last week or so has been eventful, currently playing the part of 'Super-Fuel', The eco-friendly hero battling against the evil Paula Lucien... It's a educational panto devised in college, which goes on tour to 4 different schools tomorrow, so I be currently shitting it lol
Lets just say green tights and red cape don't suit me.

The head is sorting itself out slowly, still occasional stints of paranoia I'm getting there...
Seem to be getting, rather impatient with some of my friends, nothing to serious, just one or two main ones been pissing me off, but maybe it's just my mind going overboard.

On a lighter note, took part in the Glasgow Zombie Walk today, and absolutely loved it. Started off with me n Barry at mine, getting our wounds tended to lol. Both looked great, I tried to make a third wound on my chest, so I made a hole in my t-shirt, but mother dear decided she thought it would look better if the t-shirt was totally ripped, which left me rather image conscious lol
But fair play, it did look great.
Got there n it was an absolute ball, lil annoying attention-seeker was being a pain in the arse. There were loads of absolutely brilliant costumes, Even met a zombie Harley Quinn which was sweet lol.
Spoke to the two organizers who were amazing, n were loving the idea of me n barry becoming stewards next year for it - stewards get to dress like Zombie-Hunters :D
In addition to this, Barry and I were in an interview shot being zombies attacking the guy being interviewed.
Oh yeah, and I got interviewed personally..... Yup, that was a laugh, made a total twat of myself, oh and swore on camera :P

Zombie After Party was great, good films, good company, and fucking hilarious. Plus after 3 drinks I managed to pluck up the courage to ask for a girls number, and successfully got it.
Not sure how to go about it though, text her tonight after realizing we had left her on her own n I felt kinda shitty, but not too sure when I should contact her next.

Ah well, this may be my last post for a while, got a lot to get through during the week, 5 shows an after party.

Anyhoo, farewell from the world of tomorrow...



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