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Ok, yet again been quite some time since I posted something on this.
All I can say is that, the song I'm listening to, makes total sense now...

So far my body continues to give up on itself, just don't wanna get checked out by a doc though.
It's like, I don't wanna go in case it's fucking major, then again I don't want to go down and be told it's nothing, leaving me feeling like a right tosser.
My throat has added to the equation, but I rule that down to the cut down on cigarettes - standing on 2/3 a day now.

My lovely mother continues to accuse me of taking drugs on a regular basis, which I'm not, that's the one thing I never want to do, and plan never to do. My life may be boring and complicated, but not so much that I want to fucking waste it n fuck it up!

My mind is also jumping into the equation which makes things much more fun...
It seems that my memory is worse than ever now, I actually walked all the way up to the nearest bank and when I went to get my wallet, realized I left it in the house.
"C'mon, we all do that.. Nothing weird there.."
Wrong! If anyone knows me, I have a system. As in a system for where everything goes. I'm not going to tell because then it would make things easier for a mugger. :P
But lets just say that there is no way that I'd usually ever forget it.

Was rather disappointed this morning. After the past few days of vigorous work-outs, I was astonished to see the muscles of my legs actually fully showing, as in my legs were toned.
and I actually mean toned. Woke up this morning... WTF!?! Back to normal. :(

Ok last thing before I go, fucking hell I've went on for a good bit...

Currently I have the joys of still being single, and yet it seems that every person that I meet and soon start to like - It actually doesn't happen too often - Has some sorta baggage that fucking puts a hold on anything happening. Not saying I'm perfect by the way. There was one I mentioned in a previous post, finally got over the fact nothing would ever come from it, and I am introduced into someone completely amazing! Funny, Talented, Good-looking and we get on brilliant, plus there's barely any chance of the previous 'problem' happening with this one.
Yup, you guessed it, still major problems... So far I have kinda fucked up on a chance to actually bond with her to a completely different level. And here it is... The big one...
The main reason I don't think it will work out is........ I'm close with a very close person in her life.... Her brother.
Yeah, I hear the "Oooo Burn"'s in the background, this os one of those situations were I have no way to make things easier.... Unless I killed the brother..... Hmm............
Anyhoo. Moving on.

Like I said last point, for that non-existent number of readers, you may notice I'm beginning to understand the use of sarcasm. But does not mean I'm gonna use the fucking thing!
Anyway, time to bid you farewell.
Until Next Time...



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