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Ok been quite some time since my last entry, decided I'd give this a go again due to the sudden increase in boredom lately.

College is going really well, just need to mainly focus on knowing the lines back to front due to the level of improv that may be required for the performance. I have the joys of having to don a Superhero costume, which for my character consists of a Red Tee, Cape, Yellow shorts and, wait for it... *Drum Roll*.... Green Tights.......
I fear that I may scar some children for life - It's a panto-esk performance in 4 different Primary schools - and I'm also probz gonna look like either a big twat or weirdo. xD

On a Semi-lighter note, I decided to quit the Youth Theatre thing I have been doing for the past 2/3 years. Kinda upset me at first but I've got over it. Only thing that really annoys me is there are two really attractive girls at it - One I know from a previous year, and one whom I haven't really had a chance to talk to :( . So odds are that nothing will happen there...
However, I agreed to help out as stage crew for their performance and I'll probz end up going to the after party, so I might as well not get my hopes up but What the hell.

Working life is a pain in the ass, can not be absolutely arsed with my current job - if you could even call it that. I have the joys of catering for the disgruntled Football fans to some of Scotland's Infamous Teams. And with that honor, I get to travel all the way up to Hampden Football Stadium - bout a 30 min bus ride - and then probably walk it back - due to the crowds n cramped buses.

Enough bout my boring life, even though that's what these things are for, I'm out...

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